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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gardening Thursday

Update: I have decided that this is my Glamorous post of the month:-) Don't know what I am talking about? Check out the party going on here:

I haven't written about my indoor garden in a while. That's because I have neglected my little project and everyone down there is mad at me. This weekend, I hoped to remedy my oversight. I transplanted them and here is what they look like now:

The basil is really mad at me:

The lettuce looks a little bit better:

The Meusclin will survive:

But the parsley and I are not even on speaking terms:

Wish me luck on our road to recovery:-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Wasn't Going to Try

But, my husband decided to buy these for me. So, I am going to attempt too not kill these this year! Wish me luck:-)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter Plants

As the Christmas decorations go up inside, the winter plants get switched out for the fall plants outside. This is an experiment this year. We will see how many survive our Wisconsin winter.

I thought the silver plants would look good sparkling with snow.

And the mini evergreens just speak winter to me:

I even got little trees:

Wish me luck:-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Are You Thankful For?

I am thankful that my Flowering Kale lasted as long as they did:-)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody:-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Moment for a Fallen Comrade

I don't know what it is about holiday plants but, I can't even get my Amaryllis to come back!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Plant Update

Here are my seedlings:

Pretty soon, it will be time to separate them into their own pots. They may be ready as early as next week.

I also wanted to show you my holiday plants. I started forcing my amaryllis a couple weeks ago and here is what it looks like now:

Although now, it is starting to slump. I fear that I might lose her so, I put her under the big light downstairs.
And, here is my Christmas cactus (sorry about the quality of the camera is really going):

Last year it didn't bloom so hopefully it will this year since I pruned it.

As a final note, I am going to buy poinsettias again this year. I tried to keep them 2 years in a row and I just end up killing them every time:-( It is my biggest nemesis but I will figure it out!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Friday's Foto Fun with Sprouts

It's time for Carrie's Friday Foto Fun:-)

Yesterday, I posted about my Indoor Garden but I actually started the garden on Sunday. And today, I have my first sprouts:-)

I told you that the lettuce sprouts quickly:-)

Indoor Gardening

I am ready to get my indoor garden going:-) I am so excited to start!! Let me show you what I did:-)

I keep my seeds in my grandma's old recipe box. I staple each seed packet to an index card and file them alphabetically. That way, they are easier to find.

The index card includes information that I would like to track. Obviously, the name of the seed goes on top. Next, I record the date that I started the seeds or the "Sown" date. Then, I write down when they "Sprouted". Once they are big enough, I notate when they are trans- "Planted" into a bigger container. And finally, I celebrate the "Harvest" date.

I start the seeds using:

I put the mix inside small plastic pots that I have santized (1 part bleach to 9 parts water). Then, I label each pot with a popicle stick so, I can remember what is what. The pots go inside a tray and then I water them. That way, any drainage, goes right into the tray.

Next, I place the tray under my grow light. This is a two-shelf unit that my husband built for me in our basement a couple years ago. The pots go on the bottom shelf and the light hangs from chains on the top shelf. The chains are adjustable so when your plants grow, you can raise the light. Lastly, the "walls" of the shelving unit is curtained in relective paper to keep the light and the heat in.

This is what it look like when the curtains are closed:

So, there you have it. By next week, I should have some pictures of sprouting plants! Wish me luck:-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tackling Tree Trimming

It's time for Tackle it Tuesday with 5 Minutes for Mom .

This week, we tackled tree trimming. Although the apple tree produced apples this year, they were really small. The tree itself hadn't been tamed in years so, we decided to lob the top off and hope for bigger apples next year.

I don't have before pictures (our server has my older pictures held captive:-) but, here is what we cut off:

And here is what is left of the tree:

It's kind of hard to tell from these pictures but the goal is to make it short and fat. We have achieved short and in spring, hopefully, it will fill out to fat:-)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't Roast All the Seeds

Keep some of them for next year. I took mine and dried them on a paper towel. Then, I wrapped them up and...

...labeled them. And put them in the frig until spring and then...

...another perfect pumpkin will come next year:-)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Garden List

I had a request to post about my indoor garden and of course, I am happy to oblige my readers:-)

So, the first step to any garden is to make a plan and for me, that was taking an inventory of my seeds. Here is what I have:

Iceberg Lettuce
Green and Red Lettuce
Flat-leaf Parsley
Romaine Lettuce

And here is what I want:


You will notice there is a lot of lettuce. That's on purpose. Lettuce is the easiest thing to grow. If you are at all shy about indoor gardening, start there. It will sprout in 3 days and give you immediate satisfaction for your work:-)

Anyway, that's 10. I can do 10, right? I had better go measure:-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Foto Fun with Pumpkins

It's time for Carrie's Friday Foto Fun:-)

This is the one and only pumpkin that my garden produced this year. I guess if you don't have quantity, you have to have quality:-)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bye, Bye Love:-(

Before I get to this week's gardening post, I want to give you an update on my daughter. She came through the surgery with flying colors. She is understandably crabby but healing well. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers that you all gave to my family during this time. It really helped us to get through. Thank you:-)

This weekend, the weather was beautiful and a perfect time to clean out my veggie garden. So, Bye, bye loves:

Bye, bye basil.
Bye, bye pumpkins.
Bye, bye weeds...oh wait...that is a good one to go:-)

As you can see, I couldn't let go of my parsely yet. I am still using them in soups and stews and such and I haven't started my indoor herbs yet so, he stays. The peppers and the tomatoes still have buds. I did a fair amount of pruning today so, we shall see if I can extend the season just a little bit more. Wishful thinking? Maybe.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

That Guns and Roses song is song by my husband every year. It is a reaction to me bringing in my plants the night of the first frost. And this is why:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pears Pears Everywhere

Ok...last week I posted a picture of my pear tree . This week, I need something to do with all these damned pears!!

I found this recipe for Pear Cobbler on Good Stuff Maynard . I am going to try this recipe this weekend. I will let you know how it goes:-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

And a Partridge in a…

This is my pear tree in our backyard. This year, we had so many pears, the branches were bending under the weight of the fruit. Here are a couple of these beauties:

Aren’t they gorgeous? I love to poach them in wine but my mother-in-law uses them in apple pies! I have tried them and you can not tell the difference.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saving the Season

It's canning season!! I have nurtured these babies from seed to mature bountiful plants. Now, the fruits of my labor is paying off into great things like Susie's Homemade Salsa:-) Yummo:-)

I don't really trust the canning process. I am too scared of botulism. Instead, I can them up and freeze them (that's why the picture is funny...I took it after freezing it...duh). It's another labor of love.

First, the tomatoes. I seed them and then, carefully take the seeds and rinse them off. It takes a while to do this because there is a little membrane that has to come off. Once they are dried, I wrap them in a paper towel and put that into a labeled food storage bag. Into the frig they go until next season. Viola!! Instant heirloom tomatoes. Ok...not instant but it's pretty cool. I never have to buy tomato seeds again!

Next, I make the salsa. I boil the tomatoes and then add Susie's Homegrown green peppers, hot peppers, onion, garlic and parsley. Then, in goes the vineager, sugar, salt and pepper. I bring it to a boil again and then dip the pot into an ice bath. This helps to bring the temperature down. Then, I ladle the completed salsa into sterilized 1/2 pint jars (leaving a 1/2 inch headspace), label and then freeze.

I got to tell you, it feels great to have my own homemade salsa to munch on during the Super Bowl:-) Nothing quite like it:-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Plants

It's time for Gardening Thursday. Today, I am going to show you around my fall planters.

When the cold weather strikes, it is important to take those summer plants out and replace them with hardy falls plants. You saw my Fence Garden a couple weeks ago and this is the one place that I do have a 3-season plan (white pots for spring and summer, orange pots for fall and green pots for winter).

On the ends, I have ornamental Kale. I love the deep purple color and it adds a different texture to the arrangments.

And of course, you have to do mum in the fall. They are colorful and hardy. The cooler it gets, the better they do. When buying mums, make sure to get plants that are packed tight together and still have a lot of closed buds. Also, make sure you keep these guys moist. They do not like to be dry. Follow these few easy instructions, and you can enjoy them well into the season.

I really like this 3-season plan and I would like to duplicate it in the other sides of the house. So, over the next couple years, I am going to be buying up large pots for the Bush Garden and hanging pots and small pots for the Tropical Garden . Wish me luck:-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tackling Indoor Gardening

We tackled our basement this weekend to go along with 5-Minutes for Mom Tackle It Tuesday . We cleaned out all of our storage shelves because my husband bought me a grow light for my birthday (back in May). So, we finally got around to setting it up and here it is:

I can't wait to get started. The shelving unit with the reflective paper is for seedlings and I have used this for 2 years to feed my outdoor garden. The success of this set up lead to the grow light. Now, I can plant seedlings year round and bring plants to maturity under the new light. I am so excited!!! I haven't decided what I am going to plant yet but, I will be sure to blog about it when I do:-)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday's Foto Fun with Produce

Time for Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta !!

This week, I am tantalizing you with a single crisp and succulent apple from my apple tree.

There is nothing quiet like going in your back yard and plucking a beauty like this and sinking your teeth into the rosy red skin with a crunch into the snow white juicy center.

Hungry? Good:-) Come back Monday for Susie's Homemade Apple Pie Recipe:-) In the meantime, I leave you with Big Yellow Taxi:

"Hey farmer, farmer, put away your DDT. I don't care about spots on my apples, leave me the birds and the bees - please"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tropical Garden

It's time for Gardening Thursday:-) This week, we are visiting my backyard or what I like to call my "Tropical Garden".

I call it that because that is where we keep the pool in the summer. The pool, having water and all, lends itself to the tropical theme. I have 2 kinds of ferns back there and what I call "Banana Leaf" hostas. They look like palm tree tops planted in the ground.
I also have my husband's Jades back there. These actually have an interesting story.

My husband's paternal grandmother had a beautiful Jade back in their hometown of Cincinnati. The family had taken several cuttings from it on different occasions however, they never seemed to take. They tried on last time at Grandma's funeral. After they came home, the Jades finally grew! Then, the uncles called and reported that Grandma's Jade finally retired. It was like she wasn't willing to leave Cincinnati and then when it was time to go, she lived on here in that Jade.

And, as one of the newest members of the family, I took my own cutting off of my husband's plant. I have successfully grown my own Family Jade in a pot that I bought in Mexico on our honeymoon. Kind of fitting, don't you think? My husband says it's like getting Grandma's approval:-) Thanks, Grandma! I love your grandson very much:-)

Thanks for spending Thursday with me gardening. Next week, we will take a look at my fall plants:-)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bush Gardens

And now, time for another episode of Susie's Homemade Gardening. This week, I am going to introduce you to my Front Garden or what I like to call "Bush Gardens'. This is where I planted my bigger statement plants because really, we only enjoy this garden from the road. We don't really spend anytime on this side of the house unless we are inside.

Check out that picture window!! Brand spankin new this year. I love it!! I actually like having my blinds open now. It is like having a whole wall of art!!

Anyway, the middle has some May Nights (a purple bush that blooms in the early summer, hence the name). Along the sides of that are two what I call Cabbage Plants. I call them that because they look like that in the spring and then bloom into neat pink flowers in the fall. On the sides, I have my rose bushes.

The roses are both climbers and the one along the house did really good this year. The other one was actually my grandmother's. She passed away in 1991 however, my brother bought the house that we grew up in. I told my sister-in-law that if she ever dug up that bush, I wanted it. Now, I have a piece of my grandma with me in my gardens which is fitting. She is the one who inspired me to be a gardener in the first place. So really, this is all her fault:-)

So that's "Bush Gardens". Next week, we will take a trip in the back yard to my "Tropical Garden". You know...just to give summer one last prop!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gardening Thursday

Welcome to Gardening Thursday! This is the day that I talk about the gardening aspect of Susie's Homemade:-) Over the next couple weeks, I am going to introduce you to all of my garden areas on our 3/4 acre piece of the pie:-) On Tuesday, I showed you my vegetable garden. Yikes:-(

This week is my favorite garden: "The Fence Garden". It is my favorite because it is the only one that is the most "done" and is the most seasonal of all my gardens. I have it broken into 2 areas:

1. The planted ares: In the spring, I have yellow daffodils and in the summer I have yellow day lillies. The rest of the season is just green but I don't have any winter interest.

2. The boxes: In the spring, I have German Ivy on the sides and then orange and red impatiens. My husband said that the colors are so deep that they are almost neon:-) These plants I have had for 3 years because I take them inside and keep them going over the winter. The middle planters house yellow Marigolds because my mom likes them. I also have new boxes set and ready to go for the fall and the winter which I will cover in a later post.

So that's it. My favorite garden. Next week, I will show you my "Front Garden".

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Tackled My Garden This Weekend!!

Welcome to Tackle It Tuesday...sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom .

With all the baking and entertaining and blogging and swimming I have been doing this summer, two things have fallen to the wayside: Cleaning and Gardening. This weekend, I tackled the garden.

I am almost embarrassed to show the before pictures but I feel it is cathartic to do so:-) Here is my vegetable garden before:

And here it is after:

Now, I feel better. Yeah me:-) is the fruits of my labor (check out the alien looking carrots):

I am also going to start posting garden things on Thursday. I find that if I dedicate a specific day to a specific topic, I can plan my posts better. You have all ready met my vegetable garden. On Thursday, I will introduce you to my other gardens. See you then:-)

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